Friday, June 28, 2013

Suite Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is a tough city to fully experience on a budget. It is easy to get an affordable hotel on the strip, but eating, drinking, transportation, and gambling can quickly spiral your budget out of control. One great way to save money in Las Vegas is to book a suite hotel room that includes a kitchen. Though the suite will cost more than most budget hotels on the strip, you'll more than make up the saving in food and drink.  Each of the following hotels include a kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, cookware, and dishes. Each option is less than $150 a night (on weeknights).

Hilton Grand Vacations on the Las Vegas Strip
  • PROS: The suites are gigantic and include two flat screen TV's, a kitchen, shower, a whirlpool, a comfy king bed, and wall-to-wall windows. The entire hotel is impeccably clean and the staff are welcoming. The hotel also includes a nice workout room and cafe. 
  • CONS: The pool is tiny when compared to most on the strip. Additionally, the Hilton Grand Vacations is located away from the action, at the northern end of the strip, close to Circus Circus and Riviera.
Advice: Instead of purchasing food and beverages in the over-priced hotel shop, go to the CVS located next to the Hilton to save money. 
Hilton Grand Vacations Las Vegas Kitchen
Hilton Grand Vacations Las Vegas bedroom
MGM Signature
  • PROS: The MGM Signature suites has all of the same amenities as the Hilton (whirlpool, shower, kitchen, workout room) but everything is a bit more posh. Guests at the Signature have access the Signature's pool and the gigantic pool at the MGM, which is a major bonus.  
  • CONS: The MGM Signature is not located directly on the strip. It is connected by a series of walkways to the MGM that take about 5 minutes to walk. 
MGM Signature

Other Options to Consider: PH Towers, THEhotel at Mandalay Bay, Palms Place (off strip)