Great Websites

Here are some great travel blogs and sites that I follow.  
Other websites that I recommend you check out.   
  • Amber Luck Ronning & Eric Ronning Blog from my good friends who are experts in many do-it-yourself projects. Both are part of Saint Paul Media and help contribute to:
    • How to Get Rid of Things Just like it sounds, this website will teach you to how to get rid of just about any common annoyance in your life.  No advice if in-laws or politicians are the annoyances in your life.  
    • Simple Pest Control  A site focusing on ridding yourself of bugs, critters, and birds. If your pests are of the human variety, however, you are out of luck.  
    • How to Clean Things  Tips on cleaning using only organic and natural products. 
    • How to Cook Meat Teaches how to cook meat simply and well.
    • How to Write Good Writing advice from two English majors, and former English instructors.  
    • Nature's Treatment  Aim is to reintroduce you to plants, herbs, physical techniques, and natural substances as ways to promote better living. 
  • Familia Dei  Deep thinking on the gospel's viewpoint on marriage, adoption, and rebirth from my brother-in-law. 
  • A blog with awesome photos of trains and ships!  
  • Ethics of Elfland For all things counter, original, spare and strange.
  • Our 203K Home- Another blog written by me about our experience in purchasing a home that needed fixing up using the FHA 203k mortgage program.   
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